Ben Gordon Already a Fan Favorite in Detroit


It took Ben Gordon all of nine games (maybe less) to become a fan favorite in Detroit as evidence by the silly feature team telecasts are doing these days, allowing fans to text in their pick for Player of the Game.

The above screen shot was taken near the end of the last game when Ben Gordon finished a career worst 1-16 shooting and had all of five points (3-6 from the free throw line).  In fact, he was probably the sole reason why the Pistons lost, so maybe there were a lot of Dallas fans watching the Detroit telecast texting in their Player of the Game. Or it could have been cynical Pistons fans texting in Ben Gordon just to be silly dickheads.

Also, Charlie Villanueva didn’t have that stellar of a game either.

(For other Detroit fan favorites, see Tigers broadcasts and Brandon Inge getting at least 1/3 of the votes every game, even if he is 0-3 with three strikeouts).

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