Yooper To Walk Not Quite 500 Miles To See You, Detroit Lions. And Be The Man Who Gets Drunk Next To You


This past Sunday, Joseph Paquette** left his house and decided it’d be a good day to start a 425 mile trek from his home in Munising, Michigan to Allen Park, Michigan to show support for the … gulp … Detroit Lions.

Munising is in the Upper Peninsula, about 125 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge. […]

[…] Paquette’s goal is to walk 25-30 miles a day, and he estimates that he will complete the journey in 16-21 days.

Paquette, a U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War, is carrying an American flag on his journey


A true American journey. Paquette should get to Allen Park in the middle of the week when the Lions are practicing for their August 28 home game. If the Lions are smart, they’ll have a suite at Ford Field full of free beer for this die-hard Vet. If the Lions really want to up the ante, they’ll reward Paquette with a win. But the dude just walked 213 miles per Lions win over the past two seasons, so it’s not required. Throw in some baby powder and I might be willing to make a similar trip next summer.

Naturally, this hit jam by The Proclaimers is the walk’s theme song:

** We’ve yet to hear back regarding a potential relation between Joseph Paquette and former Tiger Craig Paquette. Craig only walked 10 times in his 299 plate appearances as a Tiger, so we doubt it.

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