Why Was Matt Millen on my TV During the Draft? (Update: And Making Polack Jokes?)


UPDATE: Matt Millen can’t even do THIS job right.  In this same segment (pictured above) he made some general joke about Polacks and Ron Jaworski.  Later in the broadcast when ESPN came back from commercial, Matt Millen was sitting in the same room, all by himself, and stumbled through an apology.  The apology was probably the worst apology in the history of apologies because Millen justified his comment as opposed to just taking responsibility for being an idiot.  So, in two minutes on my TV, Millen spit bullshit draft analysis, made an insensitive joke, and then screwed up the apology.  Sounds like a typical day of work for Matt Millen.

UPDATE 2: Hilarious video of the apology amongst some other stuff at Tirico Suave.

Matt Millen should not be giving his analysis on potential NFL Draftees.  You’d think ESPN would check his resume on things of this nature before letting his mouth diarrhea all over the place.  I feel bad for Herbstreit here.

The Lions record with Millen as GM (31-81) was ALMOST worse than his draft record of 11-61.  And that’s just the number of players still with the team – that doesn’t mean they’re any good (ahem Bullocks, Ramirez, Cohen, etc.). If ESPN wants to waste their money letting Millen announce football games then whatever, I guess.  But do NOT insult me by putting him on as an analyst for the NFL Draft.  Blasphemous.

Let’s recap:


Round One 18th overall Jeff Backus OT Michigan
Round Two 50th overall Dominick Raiola C Nebraska
Round Two 61st overall Shaun Rogers NT Texas
Round Five 148th overall Scotty Anderson WR Grambling State
Round Five 149th overall Mike McMahon QB Rutgers
Round Six 173rd overall Jason Glenn LB Texas A&M


Round One 3rd overall Joey Harrington QB Oregon
Round Two 35th overall Kalimba Edwards DE South Carolina
Round Three 68th overall Andre Goodman DB South Carolina
Round Four 134th overall John Taylor DE Montana State
Round Five 138th overall John Owens TE Notre Dame
Round Six 175th overall Chris Cash CB USC
Round Seven 214th overall Luke Staley RB BYU
Round Seven 252nd overall Matt Murphy TE Maryland
Round Seven 259th overall Victor Rogers OG Colorado


Round One 2nd overall Charles Rogers WR MSU
Round Two 34th overall Boss Bailey OLB Georgia
Round Three 66th overall Cory Redding DE Texas
Round Four 99th overall Artose Pinner RB Kentucky
Round Five 137th overall Torrance Holt DB North Carolina State
Round Five 144th overall James Davis LB West Virginia
Round Six 175th overall David Kirkus WR Grand Valley State
Round Seven 216th overall Ben Johnson T Wisconsin
Round Seven 220th overall Blue Adams CB Cincinnati
Round Seven 236th overall Brandon Drumm RB Colorado
Round Seven 265th overall Travis Anglin WR Memphis


Round One 7th overall Roy Williams WR Texas
Round One 30th overall Kevin Jones RB Virginia Tech
Round Two 37th overall Teddy Lehman OLB Oklahoma
Round Three 73rd overall Keith Smith CB McNeese State
Round Five 140th overall Alex Lewis LB Wisconsin
Round Six 172nd Kelly Butler T Purdue


Round One 10th overall Mike Williams WR USC
Round Two 37th overall Shawn Cody DE USC
Round Three 72nd overall Stanley Wilson DB Stanford
Round Five 145th overall Dan Orlovsky QB UCONN
Round Six 184th overall Bill Swancutt DE Oregon State
Round Six 206th Jonathan Goddard LB Marshall


Round One 9th overall Ernie Sims OLB FSU
Round Two 40th overall Daniel Bullocks SS Nebraska
Round Three 74th overall Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin
Round Five 141st overall Jonathan Scott T Texas
Round Six 179th overall Dee McCann CB West Virginia
Round Seven 217th overall Fred Matua G USC
Round Seven 247th overall Anthony Cannon CB Tulane


Round One 2nd overall Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
Round Two 43rd overall Drew Stanton QB MSU
Round Two 58th overall Ikaika Alama-Francis DE Hawaii
Round Two 61st overall Gerald Alexander FS Boise State
Round Four 105thoverall AJ Davis CB North Carolina State

Round Four 117th overall Manny Ramirez G Texas Tech
Round Five 158th overall Johnny Baldwin LB Alabama A&M
Round Seven 235th Ramzee Robinson CB Alabama


Round One 17th overall Gosder Cherilus T Boston College
Round Two 45th overall Jordon Dizon OLB Colorado
Round Three 64th Kevin Smith RB Central Florida
Round Three 87th Andre Fluellen DT FSU
Round Three 92nd overall Cliff Avril DE Purdue
Round Five 136th overall Kenny Moore WR Wake Forrest
Round Five 146th overall Jerome Felton FB Furman
Round Seven 216th overall Landon Cohen DE Ohio
Round Seven 218th Caleb Campbell DB Army

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