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The Lions Eye a Playoff Win

While the Detroit Lions have yet to clinch a playoff spot, all signs point to the team being on their way to the post-season.  For Lions fans, achieving a playoff berth is only half the battle.  Ending the team’s long playoff drought is the top thing on their mind.  Thankfully sports betting odds seem to favor 2016/2017 being the season that Detroit finally makes a playoff run.

Why this year is different

The fans of Detroit Lions are still hoping for them to win in the playoff after having such a hard game and a small lead of two to five. There are different reasons with different people for the Detroit Lions to win the play off:

  • The game changes Matthew Stafford in team

  • Trend of coming over from the behind

  • Expert players of their field are in the team

  • Healthy team on the ground

  • Experience in playoff

  • Home field

There are so many reasons the fans are with the team. It is no lesser known fact that Detroit Lions have always taken the lead in the playoff to make it to the game. This time as well they have to seek for the opportunity and get themselves into the playoff spot before it is too late for the game. To stay in the game, it is necessary for Detroit Lions to win the playoffs.

So many things for the Detroit Lions are winning the playoff; there are certainly other things to be kept in mind while finding the probability of wining. Since Lions have been performing in their usual form in the game, it is important to note down that they never had a big win in the game.

The Detroit Lions are not too at defence so they can’t keep their opponent away for long which could harm them in the playoffs. The opponents in their group have been an easy win and so there are chances that they will face tough competition going down the lane. The huge point difference on the scoreboard among the Detroit Lions and other teams is noticeable and tough to cover up.

The Road Ahead

The week’s game is tough for the Lions, and it may come up as a nightmare that they can’t make it to the playoffs. When you are counting the Lions to win make sure you take into account all the points. Moreover, the strategy of Lions is not too impressive. The defence, as well as the offense, is not as impressive as it should be for making it in playoffs and them finally into the game.

The advantage of the home field might get some of the chances for the Lions, but their chances of getting the position in playoffs are thin. But the Lions are the playoff exerts so they can easily get into the form to win the next playoff against the team. The opponent is sure to be tough, but the team, and health of the players will matter a lot for the next game.