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Ten Tweets You Would Have Seen from the 2008 Detroit Lions’ Sidelines

A few days ago Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson came out and said that he was going to tweet from the sidelines during games.  That means, in between possessions, Ocho Cinco was going to whip out his celly and send in tweets for his followers to read.  The content of those tweets, I assume, would be about the previous possessions, perhaps how he feels health wise, and/or how hot he thinks the chick sitting in section 112, row 35 is.  Ocho Cinco’s idea would provide thousands of fans even more entertainment, perhaps even a touchdown celebration tweet.
However, the NFL came out yesterday and said the league won’t allow in-game tweeting as the rules specifically state that any use of cell phones or other handheld devices in the bench area during games is prohibited. Ocho Cinco disagrees with this rule:
This got me to thinking if any Lions players would ever consider tweeting during games or at half time.  Then it got me to thinking what some Lions players would have tweeted from the sidelines (or on the playing field) last year, their 0-16 season. Click “Read More” to see what 140 character status updates you probably would have read from the Detroit Lions in 2008:

10.  @johnsoncalvin:   Finally got me involved in this “offense.”  Now if they could just hit me in the numbers.  PS- GT Yellow Jackets (with me) beats this team…by 14.
9.  @Cherilus_G:  I was drafted in the first round to sit behind George “False Start” Foster? At least this gatorade is tasty.
8.  @daunteculpepper:  My osteoporosis is holding up okay.  My knees, not so much.  Thank goodness for my years in Minnesota still keeping me afloat in the NFL
7.  @JasonHanson:  My back is awfully sore.  I’m not sure how much longer I can carry this team. Crap, another turnover in the red zone.  I’ll sit back down.
6.  @PUNTnickharris:   @jason4hanson: Your back is tired? Try punting 15 times a game and still having no one know your name.  It hurts my feelings.
5.  @kevin34smith:  I got zero carries on that last drive.
4.  @rudijohnson:  I’m starting to believe Tatum Bell got the sweet end of the deal (released) when I signed with Detroit.  Hey, where are my bags?
3.  @REALmannyramirez I get a lot of followers because people think I hit home runs. Suckers.
2.   @rodmarinelli:  50 Cent “In Da Club” remix blaring in my headset rather than plays from coordinators: “Been hit with a few flags, and I walk with a limp.”
1. @OrlovskyD:  I just ran out of the back of my own end zone.  Woops.

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