Silverdome Sold


The building that once held 80,300 screaming (and often crying) Lions fans is officially off the market.  Some Canadian company won the auction for $583,000.
It sold for nearly 1/4 of what was spent marketing and advertising the Silverdome’s auction and the ‘dome cost over a million in housekeeping each year before the city finally said it could no longer afford it.
They really turned that bag over, didn’t they?  And to think they almost sold the property for $20 million a year ago:

According to the News, the city agreed last year to sell the property for $20 million to Bloomfield Hills attorney H. Wallace Parker, who considered creating a $175-million family entertainment complex on the site. However, the deal fell through after Parker failed to close on the deal by a deadline of Nov. 1, 2008.

Apparently, the Canadian company wants to use it for soccer, which gives people all the more reason to stay away from the Silverdome.
Will someone explain to me how that thing is still standing, but the city of Detroit was in such a hurry to demolish the historic Tiger Stadium?

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