Matthew Stafford’s Start to His Career Eerily Similar to Peyton Manning’s


Fear not Matthew Stafford fans worried with his recent five interception Detmer Jr. showing on Sunday afternoon.

A fine Pride of Detroit reader by the name of N4RY4, which I think is R2D2 squared, has put together stats that will blow your freaking mind.  Stats that line up Matthew Stafford’s first six games as a QB in the NFL with the almighty Peyton Manning.

Feast your oculars on this:

Side-by-Side Comparison:

6 TD, 14 INT = .428 TD/INT ratio (Manning)  
5 TD, 12 INT = .417 TD/INT ratio (Stafford)

113 comp / 210 att = 53.8% comp (Manning)   
115 comp / 214 att = 53.7% comp (Stafford)

1364 yards / 210 att = 6.50 ypa (Manning)   
1265 yards / 214 att = 5.91 ypa (Stafford)

He also notes that Peyton had Marvin Harrison for all six games, while Stafford has had to quarterback one game without Calvin Johnson.

Obviously this doesn’t mean that Stafford is going to turn into the next Peyton Manning, but it definitely reiterates that you can’t pass conclusive judgment on Stafford just yet.  He’s a rookie and there is still plenty of room for him to grow into our Knight in shining armor (who might even do a couple funny commercials if we’re lucky). So let’s hold off until next year before we start writing any rookie QBs off. In the meantime, just enjoy your 1-7 Lions as least as you can while keeping a positive attitude about Stafford.

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