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Matthew Stafford Spends Some Time in the Booth at Wednesday’s Tigers/Red Sox Game

The Detroit Lions No. 1 overall pick, Matthew Stafford joined the Fox Sports Detroit and the ESPN booths for half an inning each on Wednesday during the Detroit Tigers/Boston Red Sox game.  As you can see from the photos, he was donning the Detroit Tigers orange Old English D road cap, a Detroit Tigers windbreaker, and holding an official NFL football that he probably carries around with him at all times.  Matt did not deny that he carries a football around with him all the time, answering Mario’s question with another question,  “I guess you could say that, right?”

During his time in the booth, Mario and Rod took care of all the tough cliche questions.  What are you doing right now?  What’s the transition from college to the NFL like?  Do you have a girlfriend?  Mario and Stafford joked about Georgia beating up on Mario’s boys, the Michigan State Spartans, in this past year’s Bowl game while Rod Allen managed to somehow work in “bra” and “little itty bitty boy” into his questions. (Above, Stafford looks amused while Mario is embarrassed, or giving his le tigre look to the camera). 

The Detroit News says that Stafford has been a quick learner of the Lions offense and has impressed his teammates with his “unassuming demeanor.”   He talked about how things were going with the OTAs and other workouts.  He seems eager and excited to start playing quarterback for our Detroit Lions.

At the end of the short, but sweet stay with the esteemed FSN Detroit broadcasters, Stafford was obviously thanked for his precious time and shook both Mario and Rod’s hands.  In case you were wondering ladies (and men), Rod Allen made it a point in the next half inning to mention “that boy has some mitts on him.”  You know what that means, right?

About an inning later, Stafford met up with the ESPN broadcasters.  They had a much more interesting talk as they asked about Stafford’s baseball background and how many keg stands he does on the weekends.  It’s of no surprise that Stafford revealed he could probably pitch over Zach Miner and Brandon Lyon in the Detroit Tigers bullpen while drunk.  In all seriousness, apparently Stafford rocked three pitches and threw 90-91 MPH in high school.  Forget the Detroit Lions, let’s get Stafford working with Rick Knapp in that Tigers bullpen.

Despite the Tigers frustrating loss, it was exciting to see Stafford supporting them last night.  He also mentioned how he has quickly become a Red Wing fan and that he plans on helping out in and around the Detroit community.  Obviously, I have no problem with any of that as long as he throws a lot of touchdown passes and stops fraternizing with Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia during batting practice.

Let the Matthew Stafford era begin.

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