Matt Millen Fellates Rod Marinelli On-Air — It Was Completely Inappropriate


I just got finished watching Thursday Night Football and I’m disgusted by the on-air fellatio Matt Millen was giving one of his former head coaches, Rod Marinelli, who is now the defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears. So distasteful.

It all started early in the game when Matt Millen jumped at the opportunity to take off his pants and call Rod Marinelli one of the best coaches he’s ever met. Millen must not know many NFL coaches, because, if he knew just one in addition to Marinelli, there’s a good chance that coach is better than Marinelli. Marinelli, you know, is the guy who led the Lions to the NFL’s only 0-16 season. Pad Level. Walks with a limp. Yeah, real nice guy, but real bad coach.

Then, as the game was winding down, Millen spent a good five minutes going over Rod Marinelli’s hijacking of the word loaf. It’s cute that Marinelli has an ironic football related definition for the word, but we don’t care. If you must bring it up, do so in passing. Do not belabor it and sound like you’re a school-aged girl talking about Justin Bieber while you’re doing it. I guarantee Millen wore the above t-shirt when he first met Marinelli.

[Matt Millen Still Loves Rod Marinelli – Sparty & Friends]

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