Dear Martin Mayhew: Please Don’t Ever Be This Stupid

If there’s one thing Lions fans can agree on, it’s that GM Martin Mayhew has been worlds better in the front office than Matt Millen ever was. As bad as those 8 seasons were (seriously, how the fuck did he last that long?), I would be hard-pressed to believe that even he would dare to claim that Drew Brees is merely “very good.”

However, this is exactly what New Orleans Saints GM Mickey Loomis did when questioned as to why the Saints haven’t already backed a Brinks truck up to Brees’ front door. (To clarify, yes, we are talking about the Drew Brees that broke just about every single-season NFL passing record that exists last season.)

Martin Mayhew

So, Martin (can I call you Marty?), I beg of you: don’t ever be this stupid. If Matthew Stafford continues to improve over the next three seasons, don’t play hardball. Pay the man. Give Stafford whatever he wants, especially if it means no more commercials from the guy on Dirty Jobs.

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