Lions Linebacker, Zack Follett, Buys His Opponents Some Playtex Sport and Barbie Bandaids for the 2010 Season


Let’s be honest with ourselves, Lions fans —  when linebacker Zack Follett made Rams kick returner, Danny Amendola, piss himself in Week 8 of last season, the majority of us had no clue who the hell Zack Follett was.  We had no reason to because he was a 7th round draft pick and practice squadron, who just happened to be making his first NFL tackle.  That’s right, his first tackle in the NFL was a bone crushing, world rocking hit that was later named ‘Hit of the Week’ by the NFL Network and had to be given serious consideration for the biggest hit of the 2009 season (if they give such an honor).  Lions fans were officially put on notice.

Shortly after the season ended, Zack Follett’s video blogs started popping up on the internet (he ‘danced with the lions, took us on a tour of his crib, and, in between, played a more serious role to help us dominate our sins).

His latest video takes the proverbial cake, though.  Just days after the Lions had a relatively successful 2010 draft, where the team picked up Ndamukong Suh and Follett’s former teammate, Jahvid Best, Zack presumably  went out and got all jacked up on Myoplex, beef jerky, and chocolate/banana cheerios to celebrate.  Naturally, afterward, he put on his thinking hat, some goofy shorts, a ragged South Park t-shirt, and some old school California tube socks before heading to the super market to collect some bare essentials for the upcoming season:  Tampons and Barbie Band-aids for his opponents.

After Ernie Sims was traded to the Eagles this off-season, playing time at the linebacker spot opened up for Follett, so he’s deadset on bringing the pain train and creating a bloody mess of his opponents in 2010.  And if he hits on a regular basis even half as hard as he did in Week 8, opponents might want to start stocking up on those rags and band-aids, yo:

It’s about to be a BLOODY MESS! from zack follett on Vimeo

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