Jim Schwartz the Creeper

jim schwartz

As previously reported, the Lions signed defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch last week to a four year deal.

Lost in the details of that acquisition, was the bold way Coach Jim Schwartz went about courting him. According to both parties, Schwartz was parked less than a block away from Vanden Bosch’s house around 11pm last Thursday, which is roughly an hour before the NFL free agency was officially under way. Once midnight struck, Schwartz sent a text message to the defensive end, who was winding down his evening at home with family. When no reply came, coach decided to call him up. Vanden Bosch eventually agreed to meet that night with Schwartz, which ultimately led to a deal being struck.

Taking a play out of the play book of a jilted teen in love, Schwartz successfully lured Vanden Bosch back in, although he had to creep around outside his house to do so. The two were a successful combination in Tennessee, where Vanden Bosch averaged just under nine sacks a year while under Schwartz’ direction.

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