It Has Been 1,109 Days Since A Lions Victory Has Been Televised In Detroit

Jon kitna

November 4th, 2007 OUR Detroit Lions defeated the Broncos (Hah, look at that headline) 44-7 in front of a sold out crowd in Ford Field. Sadly, every win since then (5 Big ones!) has taken place in a non sold out Ford Field thus not being broadcast in Detroit. As we all know, the Lions set another dubious record on Sunday by achieving their 25th consecutive road loss breaking the record by, you know it, the Detroit Lions (2001-2003).

Personally, I’ve seen all 5 of these victories by scouring the dark side of the internet for streams. I’ve probably infected my computer with all sorts of viruses and spyware visiting websites that promise me the opportunity to stream the big Lions/Seahawks game or cricket if I felt like it. This isn’t me bragging that I saw the epic Lions/Redskins victories more that I’m feeling absolutely pathetic that every Sunday without fail i’m making plans to watch a team of professionals that is completely inept in every facet of the game.

This Sunday two 2-7 teams matchup and the Lions are once again heavy underdogs on the road (6.5 points) to a team led by Jon Kitna and Roy Williams. This week I’ve braved the stupidity and went out of my way to listen to local sports radio in Detroit. Right now, we got MSU playing for a Big Ten Championship, UM playing the 6th ranked team at home, the Red Wings in 1st, College basketball just starting and Tigers free agency talk is heating up…yet, Lions football still dominates sports radio. We live in a sick sadistic city where the last televised win came over three years ago and all we want to do is talk about the Lions and if Drew Stanton needs to be replaced as 3rd string QB.

Oh welll, if we don’t win on Sunday WE ARE DUE to beat New England on Thanksgiving. WE ARE DUE.

EDIT: I GOOFED, BIG TIME. Lions/Rams this year was sold out. The other 4, definitely were not. So, that kind of changes everything about this posting. We still suck, just not as much as I apparently thought we did.