Chris Myers Thinks the Lions are Failed Terrorists

Someday the Lions will enter Week 17 at 8-7, playing for a playoff spot.

It wouldn’t be a Lions game if they didn’t have the worst color commentator covering it, right?

Chris Myers loves calling him some Lions games because he thinks he can pretty much get away with saying whatever the hell he wants because people probably are not watching.   Oh, but we’re watching…and we’re hearing all of your awful analogies, Chris.

Remember when he said Larry Foote coming to the Lions from the 2-time Super Bowl winning Steelers was like going from Beyonce to Whoopi Goldberg? Well, shit for brains came up with another doozie when describing a Lions sack on Bears’ QB, Jay Cutler:

“They broke through like they were at airport security in Amsterdam.”

Get it? You know, like the Nigerian terrorist, who recently made it through security in Amsterdam and all the way to Detroit with explosives attached to his nuts?  Suggesting the Lions defensive line, all African-American might I add, are terrorists is real comedy, Chris.   What’s really funny is that the Nigerian terrorist who made it through airport security in Amsterdam failed after getting through, while the Lions D-line actually sacked Cutler in this instance.  Either way, Chris, you’ve outdone yourself.  Take the playoffs off and we’ll meet again next season in Week 1.


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