Al Davis Has Officially Lost It, Calls Out Calvin Johnson

In Calvin Johnson’s four NFL seasons, the Lions have gone 15-49. While it’s logical to say that they haven’t done much winning, it doesn’t make too much sense to blame the losing on Calvin Johnson. And when the person doing the blaming is Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis? Well, that’s just madness.

Davis, when faced with questions about EPIC DRAFT PICK BUST JaMarcus Russell, tried to weasel his way out by essentially saying “Calvin Johnson isn’t good.”

There was some talk of Calvin Johnson. But you can take a look at Calvin up at Detroit. How many games did they win this year, Detroit, do you know? Six? Yeah. But up until now, Calvin hadn’t done anything for them. He had been eulogized, but he hadn’t made a lot of indelible impression on the won and lost.

Riiight. Keep telling yourself that, Al. Maybe you should look in the mirror next time you try to offer some criticism.

Al Davis
On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t.

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