Five Reasons Matthew Stafford SHOULD Start This Season for the Detroit Lions

matt stafford

A lot of people are debating whether Matthew Stafford should start for the Lions or learn the ropes while manning a clipboard to at least start the season. I’ve got Five Reasons for you that say he should be under center Week 1.

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Reason number 1….

stafford hot chickhot chick 4

Reason number 2….

hot chicks 3hotchick8away

Reason number 3 & 4….

hot chick 56

Reason number 5….(also see Reason number 2)


If you didn’t like the Top 5 reasons Stafford should start this season for the Lions then Reason number 6 and Stafford say “eff you.”

stafford flipping the bird

(H/T to friend Hugh for e-mailing these pics to me.  H/T to Deadspin and The World of Isaac for beating me to the punch on posting them)

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