Random Cop Will Drive Zack Follett to Work

If Zack Follett’s latest blog video didn’t earn him the title of “fan favorite” amongst Lions fans, then perhaps this might.  Follett asked somebody, anybody, on his Twitter and Facebook page for a ride from the airport to the Lions training facility in Allen Park:


“Yeah, big deal.  He was probably just asking his real friends,” is the reaction most fans would have (and some even expressed those thoughts on his Facebook page), but Follett was, 100%, looking for a ride from any rando willing to be up that early and chauffeur him to practice:


Indeed Follett told the cop* to email his phone number, so Follett could hit him up on his layover and arrange the pick up.  Pretty awesome all around.  I just hope that cop knows that Follett lives by The Book, but not by this book.

* That cop must LOVE Twitter now, I’m sure.  He signed up on April 26th, followed 8 people – Follett, Louis Delmas, Ndamukong Suh, Jay Glazer, Adam Schefter, Detroit Lions, an NFL PR, and a random porn star – and on just his third tweet, he lands himself driving duties for an NFL player.  Not bad. Maybe he should try his luck at that porn star next.

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