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Welcome back, Pavel Datsyuk Pavel Datsyuk returned to the ice on Tuesday night and probably should’ve scored a goal, a goal that would’ve lifted the Red Wings to a regulation win. Instead, they get a point by surviving ’til overtime. Here’s what Winging It In Motown said about the game/play: Detroit was basically robbed out of two points […]

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Lions tickets 4% below average for upcoming matchup with Saints

The Detroit Lions currently sit at 4-2 and, thanks to a 19-7 victory over the Green Bay Packers, are currently atop the NFC North Division. The Packers are 4-2 as well, but the Lions hold the tiebreaker and can proclaim themselves as the leaders of the NFC North. The schedule gets much tougher over the […]

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Jim Schwartz ’30 for 30′: Douche move

This is great. Jim Schwartz asked his defensive linemen DURING OTAs to carry him off the field if the Bills beat the Lions in the regular season and thus, he’s a douche.  What if I told you he’s also the kind of guy who turns off his porch light on Halloween?

Jay Feely would like the Lions to call him

Feely is a Michigan man who has made 83% of his NFL kicks. In his last four years with the Arizona Cardinals, before he got cut Aug. 2014, Feely hit 85% of his kicks, including 11-of-12 from 40-49 yards. Hey, that’s really good compared to

Max Scherzer hopes to be back with Tigers in 2015

It might just be media talk, for the fans, for the Tigers fans who are already grieving, but I hope he’s being sincere — if Max Scherzer re-signs, I’ll feel a lot better about the Tigers’ chances in 2015. It’ll cost them a pretty penny, though.

Detroit Tigers swept by Baltimore Orioles in ALDS

The Detroit Tigers season came to an unceremonious close on Sunday, hours after the Detroit Lions lost a heartbreaking Week 5 game against the Buffalo Bills due to a repeated kicker problem. The problem for the Tigers all season was their bullpen. They struggled to close out games and, as a result, they only managed to […]

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Lions lose because of kicker; Jim Schwartz is a douche

Alex Henery missed three field goals, costing the Lions a 4-1 start to the season. He will almost be certainly be packing his bags after just getting signed by the Lions to replace the last shitty kicker, Nate Freese. Go home, ice your foot and eat some cold fries, Alex. You’re done. After the […]

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Golden Tate trolls ref after touchdown

It’s a penalty now in the NFL to dunk the ball through the goal post and Golden Tate III knows that, so after he caught his first touchdown with the Lions he acted like he was going to dunk it… and then stopped. The best part about this is the ref’s reaction, like, Oh c’mon, man… Why […]

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Shane Morris was clearly hurt. Fire Brady Hoke. Maybe it’s about potentially endangering this young man’s health or maybe it’s that Brady Hoke just sucks and was merely a temporary upgrade over Rich Rodriguez. Either way, fire him and don’t check on him after the door hits his head on the way out. Here’s some great info on the Shane Morris incident: Item […]

Derek Jeter walks off Yankee Stadium

Derek Jeter — Kalamazoo, Michigan man — played his final game at Yankee Stadium on Thursday night. In a story-book ending, he knocked in the game-winning run in the bottom of the 9th inning after first-year Yankees closer David Robertson blew a three-run lead in the top half. Hate on the Jeter farewell tour all […]